Diorling - A Love Note to the 60s

There's a good reason my beloved bottle of Diorling is nearly empty. As much as I love more daring, experimental scents, there's a lot to be said for the old-school French tribe of Dior, Caron, Guerlain and Chanel whose creations make you feel like you're hanging out in Catherine Deneuve's boudoir.

One of Dior's lesser-known creations, Diorling is a scented tribute to the Carnaby Street girls of the 60s and certainly worth a sniff. Created in 1962 shortly after Christian Dior had passed away in the late fifties, it was developed under the guidance of Marc Bohan, who had taken over from Yves Saint Laurent as Creative Director, the fragrance – as the name might indicate – was inspired by Dior’s love of British refinement and resulted in a “chypre full of spirit” as the house describes it. 

Launched with great fanfare and its own window display in Selfridges in 1964, Diorling subsequently caused a stampede of white knee high platform boots towards the nearest perfume counters, helping to cement Dior’s reputation for fine fragrance as well as couture. The scent was given a 2012 makeover by François Demachy, and appears as free spirited and charming as the Carnaby Street girls who originally wore it. Clean, pretty and unashamedly girly, the scent is a quaint reminder of a time where women wore negligees and silk dressing gowns to bed (as opposed to mismatched pyjamas) - and had trouble written all over them ...


The original scent was designed to mimic an English garden in bloom – and the update stays in keeping with this idea – with an added dash of sexiness thanks to a good slug of Egyptian jasmine. Combined with the freshness of Calabrian bergamot it simple sparkles like a pair of chandelier earrings before softening into a delicate powdery floral blend of patchouli and leather notes; a beautiful yet understated fragrance and a tribute to baby-doll glamour.

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