LUSH Gorilla Perfumes, Islington

Offbeat and eccentric... plus there's a listening booth.

Some scents are what you would call 'English scents' - to me, this type of scent tends to have a woody, earthy 'lived in' quality about it, like a well-worn jersey. LUSH Gorilla Perfumes seem to encapsulate this most acutely - no springy bright florals or fizzing citruses in sight. Instead, in here you will find perfumes with an old soul. The shop is a delight from start to finish - slightly 'out-there' but then that's what you would expect from the team behind the original LUSH brand. There's nothing 'delicate' or 'ladylike' about these scents, dreamed up by LUSH founder and self-taught perfumer Mark Constantine and his son Simon. They're unusual, slightly 'grungy' with a hefty dollop of English whimsy to go with them - a spirit very much encapsulated by the shop itself...

There's a listening booth in here too, where you can play your favourite jam and inhale their latest concoction. Pop along to one of their 'Scented Songs' evenings too where local bands play to customers as different blotters get passed around for a "multi-sensory" gig. (A good first date idea I'd say..)

Open Monday to Saturday 10-6:30, Sunday 10-6

3 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA
020 7288 1124